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Hair Conditioner

Hair conditioner is very ancient, although it only began to be mainstream in the 1950s. Ancient Egyptians mixed fats and oils to create rudimentary conditioner. Luckily, we don't have to resort to that today, but remember, the most important preventitive measures you can take to keep your hair healthy and beautiful is to keep it clean and well nourished. Conditioning your hair is therefore one of the most important steps you can do for keeping healthy, sexy, full-bodied hair. It is essential that you understand what hair conditioner is, how to properly apply it, and what to look for to maximize the results for your type of hair.

Hair conditioner is, in a sense, a moisturizer for your hair. Moisture in hair strands help keep elasticity, strength, and beauty. When hair gets dry, the outer shell can split and break, revealing the inside hair fibers. This gives hair the dry, frizzy look that is so often seen with split ends. Hair conditioner adds moisture, helping keep the outer shell together which gives hair the healthy shine. This also reduces the tendency to tangle, making it more manageable.

Application of hair conditioner. Condition after shampooing.

It is important to apply conditioner properly, so do not pour directly onto your hair. Doing so increases the chance that it will be unevenly applied and not reach all of your hair. Instead, place a small amount onto the palm of your hand and rub them together. Once in a lather, apply to your hair and gently massage it in. NEVER use your finger nails or dig into your scalp. This will damage your hair and, in exteme situations, can lead to hair loss. Be sure to let the treatment sit for at least sixty seconds, giving your hair time to absorb the nutrients. Rinse with warm (not hot!) water until thoroughly cleaned. Use cool water for the last ten seconds.

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What type of conditioner to use and how much to pay?

That questions depends entirely on the type of hair you have and the budget you're under. More expensive conditioners are not necessarily going to provide better results, but generally, you get what you pay for (especially toward the cheaper end of the price range). Therefore, consult your hair stylist at your favorite Hair Salon and get their expert opinion. See what brands they carry in their workplace and find out what types they use personally. Make sure they recommend a hair conditioner based on your hair type and needs.

Some worthwhile natural ingredients that help hair keep moisture and health: aloe, cucumber, glycerin, honey, plant oils, and even milk. Remember, your hair is mainly protein, so protein-rich solutions can help strengthen hair strands. Also, look for solutions containing vitamins that will enrich your hair.

Try and avoid conditioners that have been formulated with thick waxes or polymers which can weigh down your hair. This is especially a concern if you have fine hair.

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Hair Shampoo for clean, vibrant, shiny hair

The two most important steps for healthy, beautiful hair are keeping it well nourished and clean. Shampoo can help with this. Hair is damaged by physical factors like dirt and oil, and other factors such as poor nutrition, not drinking enough water, stress, and lack of sleep. Shampoo is intended to clean the scalp and hair strands by loosening collections of dirt and oil and removing dandruff. Consisting of mainly water, detergent, and some type of fat or oil, shampoo is well designed for this task.

In America we wash our hair with shampoo daily. However, excessive washing of hair (especially with anything containing harsh chemicals) can be damaging and should be done appropriately. If washed daily, be sure the shampoo contains vitamins and minerals and is designed for your type of hair. Using the following six techniques can help keep your hair remain healthy and shiny.

1) Don't use too much Hair shampoo! Use an amount equivalent to the size of a quarter and then rub it on your hands, into a lather, before gently massaging it into your hair. This will help ensure that it has been applied evenly.

2) Dry and normal hair types need a gentle cleanser. Oily hair needs a stronger cleanser to remove the excessive oil.

3) While price is not a clear indicator of quality, generally speaking, you get what you pay for. Check with somebody from your trusted Hair Salon to find out what they recommend for your type of hair.

4) Hair needs a break every now and then. Try one of our home remedies and use something other than harsh chemicals. (If you thought Mayonnaise was only to be put on bread - think again!)

5) Rinse Hair thouroughly using warm water (if the water is too hot, it can damage your hair!). Use cool water for the last 10 seconds.

6) Be sure to use Hair Conditioner to get the best results possible and add luster and control to your hair.

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Hair Cutting Equipment

Scissors: by far, the most important tool. They must be sharp, fit comfortably in your hand made of steel, and will probably cost between $15 and several hundred.

Comb: used along with scissors for controlling and shaping the hair that is cut. Make sure the comb glides through a persons hair and sits easily in your hands.

Cape and towel: used to collect the hair and keep hair and water off of clothes.

Spray bottle: this often over-looked hair care product keeps hair wet during cutting.

Hair clips: holds hair in place while working in specific sections.

Blow dryer and hair brush: as needed.

Hair Care Products

Shampoo: get a high quality shampoo for the type of hair you have.

Conditioner: compliments the shampoo and moisturizes your hair.

Sprays: adds control and manageability for your hairstyle.

Gels: works similar to sprays to keep your hairstyle looking wonderful.

Extensions: add length instantly!

Hair coloring kits: pick a color, experiment, and have some fun!